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Product Design


Our team of Product Design Engineers have an in-depth knowledge of materials, manufacturing methods, functionality and aesthetic form. Our Concept Development process will help to resolve principal technical issues of the idea. Three key reasons for the process:

  • Further define the intellectual property to strengthen your patent application.
  • Provide consideration for how to build a prototype.
  • Creation of presentation material to inspire confidence in the idea.

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This process will be adapted to suit specific ideas

  • Product Design Specification Project Briefing

The start of the product development process

The best way to start a project is to fully understand the problem. This is why we welcome a face-to-face initial meeting with our clients, to discuss your idea and the expectations for your project.

  • Research & Analysis

Market Research and feasibility

We investigate the key issues that may influence the product design specifications: from marketing analysis to the usage cycle, we explore the core factors that will help shape your product.

  • Product Concept Design

Study of the form and function of the idea

We work together to produce a range of innovative concept designs. These are then presented to you in an interim product design and development review, allowing you to choose in which direction your product will progress.

  • CAD Development

Computer Aided Design

Once the form and function is confirmed, we can develop the technical details of your product. This includes validating the manufacturing feasibility of the product, the system design and the internal component integration.

  • Product Design Visualisation

From CAD to 3D render

Through our product design consultancy, we produce photorealistic images, professionally illustrating the design and function of your product. This is delivered as a high quality visualisation package, providing you with professional presentation material with which to approach industry.

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The Product Design Process

This process will be adapted to suit specific ideaS.

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The Product Design Process


This process will be adapted to suit specific ideas

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Why is it important when protecting my idea?


In order to submit an application you need to know exactly what it is you are protecting.

It is better to write the application around your designed product than it is to try and design a product around something you have already written.

Sometimes, through design, further intellectual property can be created which can strengthen your patent application. By designing the product you will have the relevant patent drawings in the correct format to submit with your application and help to define the novel features of the design.

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Why is it important when marketing my idea?


The product design and development process will provide you with the relevant professional presentation material with which to present your idea to industry reps and investors. Companies will expect a certain level of development to have been completed before even considering your idea – this is particularly the case if you are looking to license. See Selling an Idea – Licensing…

If you are looking to manufacture, then you will need the product designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) to allow that CAD data to then be used for prototyping.

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About Innovate

With over 20 years of experience, innovate helps individuals determine whether their new product ideas and inventions could lead to commercial success.

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IP & Prototype

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