This is a fashion accessory that is both pretty, functional and versatile
piin has a patent-pending and a registered trade mark

Client Name: Clare Johnston
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Clare couldn’t actually believe that there was nothing in the market, anywhere, that fastened this way. She thought there was a really strong case for such a solution and that is why  she decided to go for it. At first, she could not believe it was actually a good idea.

Clare first approached Innovate in 2011  with some rough sketches of her idea. Innovate was able to help visualise, prototype  and design to manufacture her new product idea. Innovate also helped Clare to source all the components and set up the supply chain, creating her packaging and protect her Intellectual Property.

« I am going down the self-manufacture route and for the first production run, the plan is to get piin into a number of independent boutiques (I already have pre-orders) and to sell through a number of channels online, in order to build up evidence that piin has been well-received, so that I can approach large retailers further down the  »

« The team at Innovate has been there every step of the way. I was thrilled with both the initial CAD designs and then the prototypes! It was as if Abigail could see inside my head! From day one, every person in the team understood what I was looking for and we all shared a mutual vision for the product and the branding. Robyn has been available to help with any query I had, and there were many! And Dave has been there, step by step, making sure we get piin manufactured to the time scales agreed. I would recommend Innovate to anyone wanting to get a product to market. «