Sit ‘N’ Slate

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Le lien entre l’inventeur et le succès commercial

Sit ‘N’ Slate

Sit ‘N’ Slate

The Project
Sit ‘N’ Slate is a roofer’s seat which keeps the user safe and comfortable when working, whilst providing health benefits by minimising twisting.
Client: Denis Treacy

The problem or challenge
Denis Treacy wassitting on a roof in December 2010 in 14 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. After constantly working in uncomfortable conditions on wet and frosty roofs resulting in sore knees, back and legs, Denis decided to do something about it.

The Innovate Solution
After approaching Innovate back in 2010 and discussing his idea, we recommended the completion of a patent search in order to establish whether the idea already existed in intellectual property terms. After the results of this search came up with one patent that Denis saw to have real similarity, he established that this design would not actually work on roofs and so proceeded with his own idea. After engaging the product design team, some design issues were worked through and the final drawings were produced.

Denis was then able to engage a local manufacturing company in his native Ireland as he was keen to be very hands-on with the project. Five prototypes were produced with the first commercial unit ready for sale in September 2011. By this point, Denis has applied for a European Patent and trademark in the UK.

The Process
With Innovate Design’s guidance and advice Denis was able to:

  • Evaluate the potential of his idea
  • Understand potential suitable market sectors for the concept
  • Undertake a thorough Intellectual Property Search
  • Engage the product design team to visualise his product
  • Produce photorealistic CAD visualisations
  • Offer continued assistance with the commercialisation of his product

The Results
Sit ‘n’ Slate was launched in 2011 and is now sold through the Sit ‘n’ Slate

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